Orpington & Bromley P.S.F.A

Photo of team celebrating
Celebrating with friends

We are the Orpington & Bromley Primary Schools Football Association. Giving the opportunity for girls and boys in Primary school to play football at the highest level. The representative teams of Orpington & Bromley PSFA receive no external funding and rely entirely on the support of parents and friends at our various fundraising events.

Please read our Child Protection page for more details.

District trials 2021-2022

Thank you to all those who attended one of the first stage trials. We received over 150 nominations and the standard was so good that it was difficult to decide which players should progress to the next stage. Everybody who attended was a success just by being nominated. We wish them good luck in their football to those who have just missed out on progressing to the second stage

However, we would like to invite the following players to a second stage trial at the same venue, registering at 5.15 p.m. and finishing at 6.30 p.m.:

Thursday 17th June

Dillon DewarHarry TurkJack Smith Phebey
Oscar McGheeHenry GatesonHarry Cox
Ethan Balachander-GrovesBen StaceyJayden Oladimeji
Oliver CloutMakai Osei-KuffourHarry Wagland
Blake EmamiMax RiceJack Cannon
Archie WaltersJack RedmanJack Burke
George BakerTaylor GoodridgeSam Graney
Freddie FrancoliniJack PiniLarry Smart
Rupert Knight

Thursday 24th June

Dillon DewarHarry TurkJack Smith Phebey
Oscar CadmanFreddie RoseTaylor Jones
Austin FordRocco AlexanderKian Taylor
Lewis HowardJacob BeckfordGeorge Scott
Louie Burton Callum CliffordLennie O’Connor
Alby JonesZach GraingerJames Bennett
Frankie NewmanFreddie BossJake Trim
Raahi CostelloKhyo-Skye DuffusDaniel Drew
Henry RoddenBeau McCoyDillon Mayamba-Brown
Lee FriendOrion Queeley