Changing rooms and showering guidance

  • Where facilities are used by both adults and children at the same time there must access to separate changing, showering and toilet areas.
  • Adult staff/volunteers must never change or shower at the same time as children and young people using the same facilities.
  • For mixed gender activities, separate facilities must be available for boys and girls.
  • When younger children use changing rooms, they should be supervised by two members of staff/volunteers who MUST have an up to date FA Criminal Record Check and be accepted by ESFA.
  • Adults should never be alone in the room with children whilst they are getting changed or showered.
  • If a child feels uncomfortable changing or showering in public then no pressure should be placed on them to do so. Instead, they should be encouraged to do so at home.
  • If children choose to wear swimming costumes or keep their underwear on whilst showering, they must be allowed to do so.
  • If children with disabilities are playing, make sure they and their carers are involved in deciding how they should be assisted. Make sure the child or young person is able to consent to the assistance that is offered.
  • The use of mobile phones and/or photographic equipment by officials, members, parents and young people is prohibited within areas where children and young people are changing/showering.
  • Where no changing facilities are available the travelling Associations should be made aware prior to the game and advised to make alternative arrangements and to take appropriate additional clothing e.g. Tracksuits etc.
  • Adults should never be alone with an individual child in the changing rooms.

Facilities hired may already have their own policy on the use of changing and showering areas to which an Association may have to adhere as part of a usage agreement.