All Arrived Safe and Sound!

Sat Apr 12 2014, by Unknown

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After a very early start to the day, everything went well at Gatwick.

Benefits of travelling B.A. was a continental breakfast on the plane, no sooner was it served, than we were coming in to land.

Glorious sunshine met as we left Jersey airport.

Once the boys had been allocated their rooms, they had an hour to unpack, then head for lunch. Most chose chicken & chips followed by ice cream.

The afternoon was spent on St Brelades Bay, playing various games of football, cricket, frizbee and chucking a tennis ball as far as possible.

All great tiring activities. The wind was chilling and disguised the suns powers, a couple of boys have nice rosy cheeks now.

Both squads have been shown the ground where they will be playing. Both looking forward to actually getting on the pitches to show what they can do.

Evening 4 course meal commenced at the end of Arsenals 90 minutes semi final with Wigan. Some boys reluctant to leave the t.v. but hunger took over.

They had a choice of prawn kebab or chicken noodle salad followed by carrot & coriander soup. Main course was leg of lamb with various fresh veggies ( chosen by most ) and the boys then found space to have sticky toffee pudding or ice cream.

The boys then went to their rooms to prepare their kits for tomorrow and get ready for bed. They had to be in their beds by 9 with t.v.’s off at 9:30.

When we checked that they had done this, only 1 room was still awake but preparing to crash out.

We’re off for a well earned drink, then turn in ourselves.

Tomorrows reports will come from our roving reporters ( the boys, ANT & DEC )

All going well so far.

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