Red Teams Captain's Report

Fri Apr 10 2015, by Alfie O’Neill, Captain of the Red Squad

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On Sunday 5th April the Jersey Festival of 2015 got under way. The matches were played at the F.B playing fields which was the best pitches we ever played on as a team. Everyone gave 100% and tried their very best.

Pawel pulled off some acrobatic saves and came off his line a numerous amount of times to stop their striker scoring.
Joseph Furzer only played 4 games and in all of them he was brilliant. Taking the ball away from the opponents feet several times with an inch perfect slide tackle.

Ethan won every header and made about 100 perfect tackles.
That was the same for James who also put in some lovely passes through for the wingers to run onto.

Kai played most of his games in CDM role which he was brilliant in, he also scored a few stunning goals too.

Josh played in many positions such as : LM,GK,ST,CM,CB and LB, In all these positions he was excellent and did what he was asked to do.
Daniel played great the whole tournament getting loads of assists game after game, he also got himself a good goal against St Albans B.
Georgie was great as well, he beat the left back loads of times when he played RM and when he moved to RB no one got passed him.
Matthew was amazing yet again, he beat the RB like Georgie and put in some perfect crosses, he scored two breathtaking headers to sum up his time at Jersey.

Joseph Cotton was excellent upfront, he held up the ball well and scored many great goals.

Every afternoon after we played football, Mike took us somewhere fun. We went to 3 beaches, Aqua Splash, the zoo, the pool at the hotel and on the last day we went shopping. At one of the beaches there was loads of rock pools to climb on. Pawel could climb everything so we called him Spider-Man. At the two other beaches we marked out little pitches with the cricket stumps and we also done dizzy penalties. Aqua Splash was awesome as well, there was a wave pool, flumes and a diving board. Most of us went on everything, it was the best!

My favourite activity was going to the zoo, we saw loads of rare animals such as poisonous frogs, bears, Orangutans, gorillas, bats, snakes, komodo dragons, chameleons and loads of different species of monkeys. My favourite animal was the Orangutangs.

I can honestly say this has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, through this experience I’m sure we’ll all stay friends for ever and ever.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone at Orpington District for making this trip possible for us boys.

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