Blues Match Report

Sun Apr 03 2016, by Noah and Harry

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On Sunday the third of April the Orpington Blues played against Gloucester a in a thrilling match hoping to come out on top.

Kick off:

Straight away the blues were on the attack testing the Gloucester goalkeeper.

Near the end off the first half Nathan had a banging free kick that went just wide.

Second half

once again the blues were on the attack firing shots at the poor Gloucester keeper

Orpington were on the attack George had the ball at his feet and hit a wonderful strike beating the keeper,the boys went crazy leaping on top of the goal scorer George.

1-0 Orpington Blues!!!

the boys were still going on strong , Jessie made a great last ditch challenge.

noah had the ball at his feet and got fouled inside the area


Noah steeped up to take the penalty and missed , disaster struck

the opponents were on the attack and goal


the life from the players had drained,once again noah had the ball at his feet and worked his way into the area and was fouled.

penalty? but no it was not a penalty it was a free kick right on the edge of the area

full time,the game finished 1-1

After the game we came home for lunch and went to the Aquasplash pool and Noah, James and Max had fun drowning each other.


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