Blues report

Tue Apr 11 2017, by Toby, Jack, Will

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On Tuesday morning the blue squad knew they had a tough game ahead of them nevertheless they got into the minibus and made their way to the pitches . Once we had kicked off not many chances were ended successfully however challenges were made and we were playing well.At the start of the second-half orpington had a few chances.. played in by some of our central midfielders.The boys played well for a solid 10 minutes after a chance was put away by a Plymouth player the boys heads dropped

Slightly after a few minutes of good play from both teams are Plymouth player scored for them were now giving up in the head. But orpington carried on battling until the end of last minute chance for the blues came to nothing and the game had finished we knew we had let ourselves down

Aqua park

After the game all we wanted to do was to do something fun so we did we walked to Aqua splash when we arrived the boys got changed and ran into the pool with smiles on their facesWe all went off into different some to the flumes and some to the diving board plus many more areas of fun after an hour or so of fun a few of the boys went over to Steve who was half asleep we woke him and told him

That some of the boys wanted to get changed and get out the boys that want you to do so got changed and waited for the others when everybody was out the boys will lead back to the hotel and got changed for a lovely meal of roast duck.

Written by Toby Waller 50%

Jack Lee 50%

Will coats 0% fast asleep

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