Blues report

Thu Apr 13 2017, by Dave

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Due to the number of walking wounded, this feature is written by Dave ( Doctor Dave )

Blues as usual, felt the need to give the oppo an easy start, though I did feel 3 goals was stretching us, as we normally only pull back 2 goals.

A deft little header from Jack started our fight back, 3-1, with only 10 men standing, the pressure was on. A number of boys felt the rough edge of some very strong tackles from the home team. Bradley had had enough of watching the forwrds miss their chances and entered the box to show them how to finish. 3-2 game on.

This target of 3 was just to high to reach in the amount of time we’d allowed ourselves. A 3-2 defeat against a very well organised Jersey team was not a result to be unhappy with, baring in mind how many had been affected by the bug going around the hotel.

We did ask the boys to remember you as they went “shopping” for souveniers , think they remembered that you had handed over the money, think most will NOT be receiving a gift from your cherubs lol.

Nurse Fiona has doned her matron outfit and supplying Calpol to those that can keep it down.

Looking forward to our game against Gloucester tomorrow,not. Looks like I’ll playing at this rate with Mr Buller in Goal.

See you all Saturday at Gatwick

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